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Sponsored review : Owl Readers Club

These days, kids are really fortunate with a wide selection range of books to choose from ! During my time, the only books that I read were COMICS, textbooks and the classic ladybird or those typical princess books !The illustration of those are really boring. Who will enjoy reading ?

I'm really blessed to have a girl who's a bookworm, when Cora wakes up, she'll grab a book to read, whenever she see a book, she will ask me to read and read, before bedtime must read a mountain of books, & worse of all is to wake up middle of the night like 3am just to read !

 I've place an order at the wee hours & received it in the morning ! Very fast and efficiency, excellent customer service one of the plus points for ORS.

What is Owl Readers Club ?

" Owl Readers Club is a club specially designed to encourage families to cultivate good reading habits. With these beliefs in mind, we have created an array of features to allow families to embark on an engaging and exciting reading journey. Apart from curating quality children’s titles at competitive prices, organizing interesting reading-related events, providing opportunities to meet with fellow book-loving families and rewarding active club members, we are also constantly working to tie up with merchants to provide added benefits for our members. We are committed to creating a club where members will enjoy both tangible and intangible rewards of reading with their children. "

It's not your typical online bookshop, WHY ?

1) Membership System and Rewards Programme
Basic and Paid members earn reward points which can be redeemed for purchases. 5 points are awarded for every $1 spent, redemption begins at 500 points which can be exchanged for $5 credit.
Basic Member
Owl Star Member (6m)
Owl Star Member (12m)
Usual Price $98
Usual Price $188
Promo Price $68
Promo Price $98
200 welcome points
200 welcome points
200 welcome points
1000 reward points
2500 reward points

-  Sign up as a basic member for free and start earning reward points (e.g. 200 points for sign up, 50 points for writing book review, 200 points for attending book club events and writing reviews)
-  Upgrade to a paid 6 or 12 months Owl Star Membership to enjoy benefits (e.g. discounts off HUA language centre, BYKIDO, Annie+Alex, Liliewoods, Little Llama, bouncy castle rental, to name a few).
-  Upgrading to a paid 6 or 12 months Owl Star Membership also allows you to earn double reward points for every dollar spent, as well as double reward points for writing book reviews, attending book club    events etc.
Want to know more information ? Check them out @ and
2) Applications for phone ( You tell me which online book shop have apps for phone :p Are you impressed ? Cause I am ! )
The applications are still under development but should soon be ready. Good news for Android users it's already on Play Store and the iOS version soon thereafter. Apart from the sale of books through the apps, Owl Star members would be able to use the apps to connect with other members to exchange books or organize book related activities together.

My thoughts, & my choice of books  

It was hard to pick the books & I was so spoiled by the range that Owl Readers Club offered ! So I got a good mix of English & Mandarin books for Cora. The books I choose are ranged from 1-3 years old & 4-6 years old. Cora is just 2 & that doesn't mean you can't choose anything out from your kiddo age. Today I'm going to share with you a few craft ideas using the books that I've pick for C.

Some of my friends asked me " Wow, such wordy book can Cora stay still & listen ? My kiddo can't & will run away ! ". The trick is to read the book yourself first & later read it to your kid in short sentences by looking at the picture. Give it a try ! 

A colour of his own - Leo Lionni
" It's a book about a little chameleon is distressed that he doesn't have his own color like other animals. Everywhere he goes, his colour changes ! "

Another way to make reading interesting  is to make the character alive ! Tell me who won't  be happy or impressed when the little one see the character alive and can play with it ? I love to do crafts related to the book other than to make reading fun, also to help Cora understand the book better.

What we love about this book
Kids get to learn colour, chameleon change colour to match their environment, & it's ok to be different from the rest one day you will meet somebody just like you. So don't worry !

Craft ideas 1, A clear chameleon sheet

- Clear sheet/use one laminating sheet
- Permanent marker

You can either search a chameleon colour picture online & print it out then trace it on clear sheet OR free hand draw one (: Show the kids how to play with it, and they will love it !

I show Cora a few example before she started going around the house to show us that the chameleon keep changing colour. She even tried it out on herself & say chameleon become Cora ! Haha 

Chameleon turn red just like the book !

This is Chameleon Cora !

Craft ideas 2, Turn & Colour change chameleon

- 2 paper plates
- Brass fastener
- A pair of scissor
- Glue
- Eyes 
- Paint

Let your child paint on Paper plate 1, let it dry while parent draw one or 2 chameleon on paper plate 2 ( I drew 2 because it's quite similar to the book ending )and cut it out, leave some spot on the head for the eye. Put 2 plates together & poke a hole in the center then insert the brass fastener and ta-da you're done with it ! Cora enjoy turning and watching how the chameleon change its colour. 

 If you give a dog a donut - Laura Numeroff

" If you give a dog a donut, he ll ask for some apple juice to go with it.
When you give him the juice, he ll drink it all up.
Then, before you can say Woof . . . Dog is off on a backyard adventure! Chaos might ensue if you were to give a dog a donut."

 What we love about this books
This is a cute, funny & sequential tale that tells us how a simple request for apple juice can lead to an adventure. A book for all ages, & C can't stop giggling when I read this book to her especially when you give a dog a donut, he will ask for apple juice and then he was all distracted and doing all sort of things with his friend ! After reading, we will want some donuts & apple juice :p

Craft 1, Toss A Donut

- 4 paper plates ( 1 as the base, 3 for Donuts )
- 1 paper tube ( I use those from aluminum foil )
- Construction paper ( cut it, act like sprinkle )
- Craft glue
- Scissor

Cut a small circle on all paper plate , decorate it with construction paper and glue it. ( You may give some work to your helpful toddler ! They will love to help !)  Put the paper tube in one of the paper plate ( it act like a stand for us to toss the donut). That's it, one game for the little one to play (:

Pardon the mess behind, after tossing the donuts Cora came to me and balance a few big & small donuts on her head ! Creative play

Craft 2, Pretend play donuts

- Cardboard 
- Pencil 
- Paint
- Scissor

Draw circle on the cardboard, one inner and one outer ( A donut shape ). Cut it, paint it & wait for it to dry. You will have half a dozen of donuts to play with ! Easy and simple activities that you can get your toddler involve !

The last book that I'm going to review on, & all time favourite in the house

Daddy's Sandwich - Pip Jones
" Daddy, would you like a sandwich, with all your favourite things...?
Join one little girl on her quest to make her father the perfect sandwich, whether he likes it or not... You're in for a wicked surprise! "

 What we love about this books
Beautiful illustration book, cute, funny & lively a book perfect for Daddy's little girl ! A girl who is sweet and thoughtful who wanna make a sandwich for Daddy who's watching a soccer match & the sandwich is made up of daddy's favourite things. You'll be surprise for the ending ! WE LOVE IT ! 


Other than there's wide range of books being offered by Owl Readers Club, they have fantastic customer service and they will clear all your doubt if you have any especially on the selection of books to pick. Not forgetting they have the best delivery system ! Like literally THE BEST, I ordered my books in the wee hour and got them in the morning. Fast & efficient ! Now working parents can just purchase books online without a need to travel out to purchase books, slowly finding the title that you want or being worried that the book is out of stock when you're inside the bookshop or chasing after a toddler in the bookshop.

or going to the library but to realise that the books you want have been torn up or not in a good shape and get so upset with it ? OR, local bookshops DO NOT have the books that you want and you got to buy it from international online bookshops with typical 7-14days waiting time. & now, with Owl readers club just a few clicks on the phone or on the mouse, you get all the books that you need & you will be receiving them like the next day or the max 2-3days from my experience.

Owl readers club really make books shopping easy for a busy parent like us ! Now, we have extra free time to do other useful things or to read more books for the kids :p Oh yeah, and not forgetting the benefits of being a Owl readers club members that you won't get it anywhere else but ONLY at Owl Readers Club.

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